Tropical Leaves

Our 2022- 2023 Team

Unity and collaboration are strength.

Ken Hou


I run all the meetings and coordinate the events with members of the club.

Humayl Hashmi

Vice President

I am in charge of inputting all service hours and ensuring that the club functions.

Edward Ghannam


I'm in charge of all the club's funds and how we spent them.

Adam Tan


I run our social media accounts and the website.

Colin Shen


I take attendance and manage event sign ups.

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Miss Evans

Miss Evans works full time as a language arts, journalism, and yearbook teacher at Hanford. She assists officer and works with volunteers to ensure we are making an impact in our community.

Our Advisor

Miss Evans helps with meeting and fieldtrip organization as well as advising the officers. Contact her if you are interested in future outreach opportunities.

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