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Believe there is good in the world


Join Key Club today

Being an active member of Key Club is more than just volunteering and coming to the meetings. It's about embracing the idea that every single one of us can make a change in the the world. Hanford has over 200 members, one of the largest in the area, actively participating in service projects around the community.

1. Register for Key Club

Fill out this quick registration form to become an official member of Hanford High School's Key Club.

2. Sign Up On Family ID

​Family ID is a site that the school uses to register students for the various clubs that are offered including Key Club. You must sign up in order to be a member.

​3. Membership Fee

There is a $25 fee for joining, which includes membership and a T-shirt. You must also have paid for ASB ($30). Payments are made at the bookkeeping office at school, or InTouch online, not on Family ID. Payment is preferable in the first month of membership. If you have any problem paying for any reason, please contact one of the officers or advisors.

4. Remind

Remind is a free service that allows us to send messages about events and other information to our members via text, email, or the app. Sign-up is quick and simple to receive relevant info.

5. Welcome!

That's it, you're in! Check the meetings tab to see when the next meeting is. If you have any questions about the sign-up process, please contact one of the officers or advisors in the contact tab.

Steps to Joining

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