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Key Club Constitution

The Constitution of Hanford High School Key Club

Key Club Constitution

The Constitution of Hanford High School Key Club



        The purpose of the Hanford High School Key Club shall be to serve the community by providing dedicated volunteers for meaningful service projects.  We exist to encourage positive cultural change in our school and our community.  We will work to serve, uplift, and better our world by dedicating time and effort for the good of all people.  Therefore, we accept the responsibilities, rights, and duties set forth by this constitution and in accordance with the Constitution of Key Club International and the Constitution of the Associated Student Body of Hanford High School.


        Section 1. The name of this club shall be Hanford High School Key Club, which may be referred to as HHS Key Club or Key Club.


        Section 1.  Membership in HHS Key Club shall consist of students interested in community service from grades nine through twelve.  Students should be of good character and possess leadership qualities.

        Section 2.  Hanford High School students must possess an ASB card and pay the $20 club fee to be a member of HHS Key Club and participate in any activities.  Students must complete the Family ID registration and medical form to participate in any Key Club activities.

        Section 3.  Members of Key Club must obtain ten hours of service each semester.  Six of these hours must be obtained through Key Club projects.  Up to four hours may be reported from other service projects.  Members that fail to complete five service hours at the first or third quarter shall receive a warning note.  Students that fail to complete ten service hours before the end of the semester shall be dismissed and their membership will be terminated.

        Section 4. Key Club Members are required to attend meetings.  Any student that does not attend three meetings in a semester shall receive a warning note.  Missing an additional meeting shall result in dismissal and her/his membership shall be terminated.  Members may excuse an absence for a school activity, medical, or personal reason prior to the meeting by contacting an advisor or an officer.

        Section 5.  Membership in key club shall automatically cease 60 days following graduation or when a member ceases to be a member of Hanford High School.  Students may voluntarily terminate their membership.



        Section 1.  The Hanford High School Key Club shall have one or two advisors.  Any qualified faculty meeting may be an advisor and shall have the authority to conduct any Key Club business and oversee the club officers.  

        Section 2. The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and media coordinator shall be elected from eligible freshmen, sophomores, or juniors.  Current members with full privileges shall vote in officer elections and the candidate with the majority of votes shall be elected.  In the event of a tie, a runoff will be held between the two candidates that received most votes.  In the event of a second tie, the outcome of the election shall be decided by a coin toss.

        Section 3.  The president shall have the power necessary for the provision of this Constitution and all legislation passed under it.  The president shall conduct and advise officer meetings and general meetings and report the state of Key Club to its advisors and officers.

      Section 4.  The vice-president shall have the power and responsibility to assist the president in perform her/his duties.  The vice-president shall act as president and perform the duties of that office in event of the president’s absence or vacancy of office.  The vice-president shall record all member service hours and report them appropriately.

        Section 5.  The secretary shall keep all official records of meetings and conduct all official key club correspondence.  The secretary shall record the minutes of general and officer meetings.  The secretary shall also record meeting attendance and report it appropriately.

        Section 6.  The treasurer shall oversee all financial matters pertaining to the budget of Key Club.  The treasurer shall see to the payment of all debts and report the financial state of Key Club to the officers and advisors.

        Section 7.   The media coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining any social media accounts owned by HHS Key Club.  The media coordinator shall collect photos and other media to document events in which HHS Key Club participates.

        Section 8.  The newly elected officers may appoint additional qualified officers to assist them in their duties.  The appointed officer(s) shall be approved by the Key Club advisor(s) and have a current membership of HHS Key Club.

        Section 9.  The officers and advisers shall appoint one or two members to chair every event in which Key Club Participates.  The chairs shall be responsible for recording attendance and hours as well as compiling media for the event.  The chairs shall submit this information to an officer or an adviser no later than a week after the conclusion of the event.

        Section 10.  Any officer that fails to attend three meetings including general and officer meetings shall be issued a formal warning.  If the officer fails to attend another general or officer meeting, she/he shall be subject to removal.  The removed officer shall have the right of appeal to the Activities Review Board and the Principal of Hanford High School.  If both appeals are denied, the advisor(s) may appoint an appropriate replacement.  The removed officer shall not be eligible for future Key Club elections or officer appointments.



        Section 1.  Any officer or adviser may propose an amendment to this constitution.  The amendment shall be documented by the secretary and put forth at the next general Key Club meeting.  The amendment shall be ratified if two-two thirds of the voting body approves all measures set forth by the proposed amendment.  All changes to this constitution must be listed with the date and specifications at the end of this document.


        Section 1.  Hanford High School Key Club values diversity and inclusion.  Therefore, no students shall be denied membership on account of her/his race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

        Section 2.  Hanford High School Key Club believes in equal opportunity.  Therefore, no elected or appointed officer shall be denied appointment on account of his/her race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

        Section 3.  Any Key Club member or officer that uses hate speech or participates in discriminatory actions based on someone’s race ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation shall be subject to removal.  The removed member or officer shall have the right of appeal to the Activities Review Board and the Principal of Hanford High School.



First draft: 6/18/2017

Second draft: 6/19/2017- Language clarifications

Third draft: 6/22/2017 - Article 3, Section 9 changes to Article 3, Section 10

                                  Addition of Article 3, Section 9

                                  Addition of Article 5

Fourth draft: 6/29/2017 - Article 2, Section 2: Club fee changed from $10 to $20

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