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Claiming Hours

A more accurate way to track hours

Claiming Passed Event Hours

For key club-sponsored events, you must fill out this form to claim hours Key club-sponsored events are events that appear on our website and events we send Reminds for.

Keep in mind:

Events you can claim hours for will appear on the dropdown list below.

—Claim your hours within two weeks after the event has passed.

—Chair-events will not appear on this form because chairs will send us a report of everyone’s hours. Chairs send reports to the Key Club VP (

—Your event will only appear on the list AFTER IT HAS PASSED. Do not claim hours before the event has happened.

—Submit a new form per event.


—Please allow ONE WEEK for your hours to be added to the Master Sheet. This would be 1 week after you submit the form, not 1 week after the event has passed. If 1 week has passed after you've submitted the form and you have not received your hours, email or with a nice, warm email informing us. Thanks!


23-24 Master Sheet with hours:

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