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Legacy Youth Leadership

Service Opportunity!

Hanford High School Key Club Resources

Contact Info

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions!! Always love talking to changemakers like you.

Jessica Lober



Contact Form

Fill this form out if you’re interested in working with Legacy Youth Leadership in the future, either as an individual or with your group! I’ll reach out to you with your preferred contact method and we can talk about what you can do with LYL from there!


What Can I do for LYL x Thirst Project Right Now???

Text “LEGACY” to 97779 and sign up for our leadership or speaker program!! These are super easy, FREE programs that will help you give the skills you need to affect change on the issues you care about! 


Follow us on social media @legacyyouthleadership (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter) to keep up with what we’re doing!


Why Should I Join One of Our Programs?

I’ve done all of these programs so if you have ANY questions or hesitations, feel free to reach out to me! Here are a few reasons why I think you should at least give our programs a chance!

  1. They are a free resource to give you the skills you need to take action around ANY cause you care about! Leadership and public speaking skills are super valuable and will be helpful for any activities or professions you are a part of!

  2. We want to support you. Our goal is to support you in any ways you need to become the world changers we know you are. That means mentoring through these programs and past it to help you reach your goals!

  3. Only 2 hours a week. That’s not a ton of time to gain skills that will be helpful for your WHOLE LIFE. And, you can choose when to do it. Our leadership program runs 

  4. Every four weeks and our speaker program runs every 3 weeks, so when you sign up, be sure to take note of when the next program begins!

  5. Meet other world changers like you! The zoom sessions and cohort model of our programs means that you have the opportunity to meet other students passionate about changing the world just like you!

  6. Try it! My ask for you is to at least give us a shot. If you don’t like the program or are looking for something different, we always welcome feedback from our students!

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